GalaxyCon Louisville is cancelled for 2020, with no assurances that it could return the following year.

In a web post on Monday, co-founder Sandy Martin claimed that a dispute with the Kentucky International Convention Center made it “nearly impossible to return.” 

According to Martin, KICC gave convention dates reserved for Galaxycon to “what the facility considered a higher value client”, and that KICC raised the benchmark for how many people Galaxycon organizers must attract.

“We always have to attract a large number of people from out of town. This is how cities make money,” Martin’s post said. “ But Louisville gave us a stretch goal to secure available dates without assurances we could even come back in 2021.”

 KICC spokesperson Ian Cox said in a statement that officials could not book GalaxyCon due to other event bookings.

“We offered multi-year agreements in an alternative month and offered a one year agreement to make 2020 GalaxyCon a reality,” Cox said in the statement. “This was an event we enjoyed hosting and we are equally disappointed that we couldn’t come to an agreement on dates of the event.”

Cox said convention officials hope the convention reconsiders KICC and returns to Louisville.

Martin’s post ended stating the convention may return, “if economic conditions change in the coming years.”