The Louisville Air Pollution Control District has issued the first air quality alert of 2013. Regulators are predicting elevated levels of ozone tomorrow. The Air Quality Index is forecast to be 104, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups. 

These sensitive groups include the elderly, the young, and anyone with heart or lung ailments. As Air Pollution Control District spokesman Tom Nord told WFPL Intern Fiona Grant last week, there are a number of factors that contribute to ozone.

“Ozone doesn’t come out of a smokestack, it doesn’t come out of a tailpipe, it’s a combination of all these pollutants from the cars, from the factories, and whatever getting cooked by the sun forming this irritant,” Nord said.

On bad air days, Louisville residents should avoid idling vehicles, share rides, delay mowing lawns or getting gas and try to combine errands to help improve the air quality.

For hourly air quality updates, call (502) 574-3319.