A Louisville non-profit is competing with four others from around the nation to give a public TED-style talk in Manhattan next year.

There are five finalists in the TEDx Manhattan challenge. All are non-profits, and all deal with issues of food inequality and access to healthy foods. And whichever group wins the popular vote will deliver a talk in New York City next March.

Louisville nonprofit New Roots is one of the five finalists. The organization works to address issues of food inequality in Louisville neighborhoods without easy access to fresh foods. Founder Karyn Moskowitz said the idea helps entire neighborhoods leverage their buying power at several “Fresh Stops.”

“Everybody pools their money and SNAP benefits, which is another way of saying food stamps,” she said. “And by pooling their money they’re then able to go directly to the farms and buy in case quantities, using wholesale prices, large amounts of fresh local food.”

Moskowitz believes other communities could successfully emulate her organization’s model, which is one of the reasons she wants the opportunity to speak at TedX Manhattan.

“So we want to show people how we’re able to provide access for everyone, no matter where they live or how much money they make, to fresh local food and get the word out and have other people follow in our footsteps.”

Voting ends on Friday. Here’s the link to vote.

Erica Peterson is WFPL's Director of News and Programming.