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A good relationship must possess a few select qualities: chemistry, energy, and hopefully some playful banter. But, it’s what’s underneath the lighthearted surface, a sort of depth, in combination with the aforementioned traits that makes it all worthwhile in the long run—something that Think Tank Theatre keenly understood when creating their debut production, “Ton of Bricks”

Think Tank Theatre is a new collaborative ensemble devoted to the creation of new works. The brainchild of Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble alumni Kyle Ware and Tony Dingman, Think Tank Theatre explores the creative potential of collaboration, working with actors and artists across any and all disciplines to create unique theatrical experiences.

“Ton of Bricks,” which opened Thursday during the Slant Culture Theatre Festival, is a collection of true interviews with the community about love and loss.

With this as their base, company-members Mera Kathryn Corlett, Tony Dingman, Megan Massie and Kyle Ware added some special touches like song-and-dance numbers and physical comedy. The result is a show which contains a perfect blend of authenticity and theatrical artifice.

You are aware you are watching theatre, but it’s the best kind of theatre—the kind that holds a truth for everyone in the audience.

The stories told range in length and tone, and all different kinds of love are discussed—young, old, straight, gay, first, last and failed. The actors excel at moving from character to character; each story is told with enough distinction so that what could easily turn into a mess of narratives remains neat.

From the story of a woman who awoke on 9/11 from her first night with her new love to watch the second twin tower crumble, to the couple who told the story of falling in love at the “dirty Kroger,” to a segment on “How to Kiss: courtesy of Wikihow,”—this show is a smart, sweet and thought-provoking display of the company’s many talents.

And though Think Tank Theatre is newly-formed, I have a feeling that it won’t take long for Louisville to fall in love.

“Ton of Bricks” runs on Saturday, Nov.22 and Nov. 23. For tickets and a list of times visit the Slant Culture Theatre Festival here.