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A Louisvillian with ties to Egypt says she’s been awed by the uprising in the country, though she has some concerns for the protesters’ futures.

Gray Henry is an American, but she and her family have spent years living in Egypt. She says she was surprised when President Hosni Mubarak resigned Friday.

“I just burst into tears because the relief and the joy and even just the awe at seeing goodness and truth triumph there,” she says.

But the path forward for the anti-Mubarak demonstrators will not be easy.

“Now I see they’re all out striking for salaries and jobs, but we don’t even have jobs in America. Where are they going to come from? That makes me sad, but the fact that these people triumphed and have their dignity back, that’s worth so much,” says Henry.

Henry says she thinks most Egyptians will remain comfortable with the temporarily military leadership until a new government is assembled.