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RamseyA new luxury housing development for college students has opened at the University of Louisville.

The Province apartments house 858 students in 366 apartments. Rents range from just over 500 to just under 900 dollars per month. That price includes access to amenities such as a pool, theater and game rooms and a fitness center with exercise equipment and tanning beds.

University President James Ramsey says he hopes the apartments will entice students to attend U of L and become active in campus life.

“As we attract the very-best students to the University of Louisville, the key to their success is their engagement,” he says. “It’s the opportunity for us to provide the academic support, the counseling support, the advising support, the opportunities for students to be engaged in activities.”

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The complex is a public-private partnership with an estimated cost in the area of 50 million dollars. Students from other area universities can apply to live in the apartments.