Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District seat will remain Republican.

Republican Thomas Massie has defeated Democrat Bill Adkins for the seat vacated by Geoff (Jeff) Davis last summer.

Tea Party supporters gave Massie a large financial boost in the primary elections to help him beat two well known Republicans.

Massie says the Tea Party has a strong presence in Congress and District 4 constituents have similar concerns: jobs and the economy.

Massie said: “Some people have called Tea Party extreme but what I find extreme is a $16 trillion dollar debt and a trillion dollar deficit. So most of the people in the fourth district realize that balancing the budget is not an extreme position to take and that’s the position that I’ve taken.”

Massie says balancing the budget is possible in part by cutting discretionary spending, but any cuts should not affect seniors and veterans.

District 4 spans 20 counties in northern Kentucky.