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Some members of the Louisville Metro Council and the Mayor’s office are again at odds over a police storage facility proposed for the Cardinal Hill area in south Louisville.

In April, Councilman Doug Hawkins raised concerns about safety when it was announced the facility would be located near a reservoir. Thursday night, the council asked the Mayor’s office to spend the next thirty days looking for alternative locations.

Councilman Kevin Kramer says he thinks the council deserves more input as to where the facility should go.

“Watching the committee meetings unfold, it doesn’t look like there was a process,” he says. “It looks like it was a matter of sitting down and saying, ‘We own this property. It won’t cost us any money to build it here. Let’s just build it here.’”

But mayor’s office spokesperson Chad Carlton says the Cardinal Hill facility is the safest and cheapest location for the building, which would store ammunition and confiscated explosives. He blames Councilman Hawkins for making the facility sound more dangerous than it is.

“It’s been very difficult to that, frankly, when you’ve had a councilman who has purposely spread misinformation about that location,” says Carlton.

Carlton says the Mayor’s office considered many locations before deciding on Cardinal Hill, and they will present the information they gathered to the Council next month.