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Mayor Greg Fischer announced a new green project for the Belvedere this morning.

The city will be constructing several green roofs on the Belvedere, which is itself the roof of a parking garage between The Galt House and the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

“We view this space as a great space, an ideal space and a great location for a green project and to continue to educate people on what green projects are,” says Fischer “so today we’re announcing an 8 phase project that will make the belvedere greener and will allow citizens to see up close how all this works.”

The green roofs will have visible cross sections in an effort to further allow the public to understand the processes involved in green projects.

The renovations will also include a green wall, which allows plants to soak up rainwater runoff, along with the implementation of new, self-cleaning cement.  The concrete captures pollutants in the air such as nitrogen and uses them to fertilize the plants.

The project will cost $200,000 and will be completed by the fall of this year.  The project will not impact events such as WorldFest and the Greek Festival.