Calling it “the gift that keeps on giving,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has given his wife Alexandra Gerassimides a new municipal wheeled recycling bin for Christmas.

In a video released by the Mayor’s office, Fischer presents the gift to his wife an unorthodox three weeks before the Christmas holiday. The video shows the gift was a surprise, though Fischer dropped hints in the hours leading up to the gift’s presentation.

“I’m gonna make you guess,” the Mayor said when Gerassimides requested information regarding the exchange of presents for the holiday. Upon further pressuring, Fischer divulged “It has four wheels and the whole family can use it.”

According to city records obtained by WFPL, the bin is capable of holding 95 gallons of recyclables.

The city rolled out the new bins on two routes as a pilot project last month, but they’re available for purchase from public works for all residents of the urban services district for $50. The mayor’s office has not said whether Fischer and Gerassimides have set a spending minimum or maximum for Christmas gifts this year or in years passed, but Mayoral spokesman Chris Poynter says the mayor does plan to give his wife something else for Christmas, not just the recycling bin.

When purchased as a gift from public works, the red bow pictured in the video is not standard and could in fact hinder solid waste professionals in the process of extracting recyclables. “That was just for the video,” Poynter says. “You have to add that yourself.”