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Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is hosting a second virtual town hall to take citizen’s questions via Facebook and Twitter.

In August, the mayor hosted an online assembly through social networking that received a heavy response. Like before, Fischer will be joined by city officials and agency directors who will help him answer questions and respond to concerns.

“We had a super response from people all over the city on many topics and city service issues at our last online session — there was a lot of energy out there. I enjoy hearing from citizens. If you have a suggestion, we want to hear it, and if you have a question — we’ll find the answer,” he says.

The online session is scheduled for December 5 beginning at 6 pm. Residents can connect with the mayor on Facebook or Twitter.

The online discussions are in addition to the mayor’s face-to-face meetings with residents called “Talk to Greg”, which are held throughout the city. The next physical town hall forum is scheduled for January 9 at a location to be announced.