Local News

U. S Senate candidates Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lunsford squared off today in Louisville. The Meet the Candidates Forum at the Kentucky Farm Bureau was their first debate-style meeting.

The candidates were asked questions about national farm policy, health care and energy, but their answers kept coming back to the same theme: experience. As the Republican incumbent for 24 years, McConnell painted his opponent as the rookie.

“It’s interesting that my opponent was raised on a farm, but that is, other than interesting, totally irrelevant to the issue before us today, which is who can do the most for Kentucky agriculture over the next six years,” says McConnell.

Democratic challenger Lunsford said McConnell and his long-serving colleagues in the Senate remind him of cicadas.

“Every six year they kind of show up, and they make a lot of noise about issues and then November comes around, the election’s over and they sort of die away,” says Lunsford.

No formal debate between the two candidates is currently scheduled.