In a new documentary film about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, filmmaker Steven K Bannon takes swipes at Republican congressional leaders for not supporting the former vice presidential candidate against liberal attacks.

Entitled ‘The Undefeated’, a segment criticizes the GOP establishment including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., while defending Palin as a Joan of Arc-like figure.

From The Hill:

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, who was interviewed for the documentary, claims that the party establishment views her with suspicion and is unwilling to defend her against liberal attacks. As Levin rails against the party establishment, images of Boehner, Cantor, and McConnell are flashed on-screen.


Palin and the GOP establishment have been at odds ever since she served as the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008. One of her foremost Republican critics has been Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt.

Asked why he didn’t go more into detail about criticism from Schmidt and others in the GOP, Bannon replied, “They got their shot, I got mine.”

But when it comes to GOP members of Congress specifically, Palin has rarely taken direct shots at them. She has pressured them to take rigid stances in policy debates.

Here’s an excerpt of the film: