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U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky says President Barack Obama’s legislative agenda is “over.” McConnell spoke to hundreds of Republicans at a Lincoln Day dinner in Louisville Saturday night.

Senator McConnell says since November, President Obama–in an effort to reinvent himself as a moderate–has been engaged in a series of “Clintonian back flips.” And McConnell says he appreciates the voters sending more Republicans to Washington.

“Now we have control of the House of Representatives. We have 47 in the Senate and for some of you who are disappointed in that, it takes 60 votes to control the Senate. The legislative agenda of Barack Obama is over.”

But McConnell says Republicans are prepared to do business with Mr. Obama, “if the president’s willing to do what Republicans think needs to be done.” And McConnell says he’s waiting to see how many Democrats are willing to join the Republicans in cutting the national deficit.