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U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell is once again trying to become Majority Leader.

McConnell’s PAC—called the Bluegrass Committee—is in full campaign mode heading into this year’s elections.

The PAC raised over $300,000 at the end of last year. It then promptly spent it all, giving most of the money to four Republican candidates for the Senate. The GOP needs to capture four Senate seats to gain the majority in that chamber.

McConnell’s PAC has accepted donations from Fox News Patriarch Rupert Murdoch, the owners of the New York Knicks and from the CEO of DirectTV.  And many businesses gave, too. Comcast, Time Warner, Humana, Brown Forman and FedEx all contributed the maximum of $5,000.

The money has gone to Senate candidates in Ohio, Virginia, Hawaii and Arizona.

The RNC and groups trying to protect Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker from a recall effort also received money.

In Kentucky, every Republican candidate in last year’s races got $2,000 from the PAC.