Kentucky Republicans hoping to win the state House in elections this fall are getting a helping hand from the party’s leader.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell has used his leadership PAC to dole out at least $54,000 dollars to Republican lawmakers in the last three months.

McConnell typically uses the Bluegrass Committee PAC to help U.S. Senate candidates in his bid to become majority leader. But his focus is now on making sure Kentucky’s two legislative chambers are controlled by Republicans. Currently, the Senate is GOP controlled, but not the House. 

In state races, donations to candidates are limited to $2,000. The Bluegrass Committee gave that to every state lawmakers it donated to.

“Winning the state House in Kentucky is of course a major priority for Senator McConnell this year and we have a tremendous opportunity and we’re just excited that he is aboard and shares our vision of building a new House in Kentucky,” says Julia Bright, a campaign spokeswoman for House Republicans.

The committee also gave maximum donations to the state House Republican leaders and to Republican incumbents facing tight re-elections. Thomas Massie, who is running for Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District seat, got $10,000 from McConnell's PAC. Sixth Congressional District Republican challenger Andy Barr received $5,000.