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A Kentucky religious order’s membership has grown by more than 100 following its recent merger with a Pennsylvania-based order.

The Pittsburgh-based Vincentian Sisters of Charity congregation has merged with the larger Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, headquartered near Bardstown, Kentucky.                   

SCN Vice President Sister Susan Gatz says the Vincentians began inquiring about a merger several years ago in part because their membership was dwindling.

“So they looked to see how could they continue their community life and their mission and ministries, and one of the things they felt they needed to do was to see about merging with another group, so they would have more resources,” Gatz said.

The merger was recently approved by the Vatican and completed with a transfer of vows earlier this month at the Pittsburgh convent.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth now has more than 700 members worldwide.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."