Louisville Metro Council this week plans to fill the seat vacated by controversial former councilman Dan Johnson.

Johnson’s peers voted to remove him as the District 21 representative last month following three allegations of sexual harassment. That decision triggered a 30-day window in which they would need to consider and appoint a replacement to finish Johnson’s term.

On Monday, Metro Council will interview 16 applicants, down from an initial pool of 20. The list includes some candidates who previously ran for the seat, as well as newcomers from industries as varied as horse training and firefighting.

The body is aiming to select and swear in the replacement at Thursday’s Metro Council meeting, which will be the last such meeting in 2017.

Tony Hyatt, spokesman for the council’s majority caucus, told WFPL in November that council members will be looking for a candidate who’s familiar with the district and has ideas to improve it.

The person selected will finish out Johnson’s term, which runs through the end of 2018. The annual salary for the position is $47,833. If the new District 21 councilperson wants a full term, they will have to run next year for a four-year posting beginning in 2019.

All the odd-numbered seats are up for election next year.

Amina Elahi is WFPL's City Editor.