Local News

By Gabe Bullard

A resolution that asks the Kentucky League of Cities to refund some of Louisville’s membership dues to the organization goes before the Metro Council Thursday for a final vote.

The resolution asks for about 38 thousand dollars, which is roughly half of Louisville’s membership fees from the last three years. It also requests a reduction in dues in the future.

The request comes after a state auditor’s report uncovered extravagant spending within the KLC.

Resolution co-sponsor Hal Heiner says he’s not expecting immediate action from the KLC. Instead, he hopes to bring the league’s leadership to the council to discuss the refund and reforms within the agency.

“There are several steps that the auditor has recommended for both KLC and KACo be implemented in those organizations to stop the inappropriate spending,” he says.

The KLC’s director has stepped down and the state legislature is poised to impose transparency guidelines on the league.