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Louisville Metro Parks will hold a public meeting tonight to share information and get public input about the Floyds Fork section of the Louisville Loop.

When it’s completed, the Louisville Loop will be a 100-mile bike path circling the city. Right now, there are 23 miles completed—from downtown and along the Ohio River into southwest Louisville—and the other sections of the trail are in various phases of planning.

Metro Parks Senior Planner Lisa Hite says tonight’s meeting will focus on the section of the Loop that will stretch between Fairdale and Bardstown Road. Metro Parks will present a preliminary plan for the route, and get feedback from residents. Hite says Metro Parks is still open to suggestions.

“It’s a complicated section,” she said. “There’s a lot going on there. There’s not like a really logical stream valley or something that we can follow.”

Hite says parts of the 10 mile section will be on-road, probably with bike lanes. She says that’s not ideal, but sometimes there are few alternatives.

“We try to design and locate the Loop off-road as much as possible because we really want to encourage families and kids to use the facility and to feel safe,” she said. “But there are some places where we know we can’t do that.”

The public meeting is from 6-8 tonight at Okolona Christian Church, 10801 Faithful Way, Louisville KY..