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One year ago, Louisville Metro Government closed Otter Creek Park in Meade County to save 600-thousand dollars in the budget. Now, the parks department is still working to find an operator for the facility.

Spokesperson Jason Cissell says the process is taking a long time because they’re still working with the five entities that made proposals to run the park, and the federal government, which has to approve any new lease.

“We want to find a long-term partner for the successful operation of this park. And if that takes a little time – as much as we’d like to sign a deal tomorrow and have the thing open next week – we’re going to make sure we get it right,” says Cissell.

The 23-hundred acre, city-owned park must remain in city ownership because of a stipulation from the federal government when it gave the property to Louisville in 1947.

Cissell says they’d like to have a contract and re-open the park this year.