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Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is no longer suing his former employer.

After leaving the Marines, Meyer worked for BAE Systems, a defense contractor. He took issue with the company’s intent to sell thermal sniper scopes to Pakistan. Meyer says he was ridiculed after he raised his concerns.

He says when he sought another job, his supervisor called his potential employer to say Meyer was an alcoholic and mentally unstable. Meyer then returned to Kentucky.

In a statement, Meyer says the two sides have come to an amicable agreement and does not elaborate, though he does say BAE will not sell the scopes to Pakistan.

Meyer is also in the news this week for discrepancies in the official account of the actions that earned him the Medal of Honor. An investigation found that the Marines exaggerated portions of Meyer’s story, including how many of his fellow soldiers he saved and how many insurgents he killed.

However, the report makes it clear that Meyer’s actions were still worthy of the award.