Last year, Kentucky state officials approved plans to bring on more regional Managed Care Operators, MCOs, to administer the state’s Medicaid program, which has been facing significant budget shortfalls.

 Thus far, the results have been a mixed bag.  At least one MCO wants to renegotiate its contract with the state, claiming it was not given accurate information.  And health care providers say they’re not being treated fairly by the MCOs.  But the state says managed care has been successful, saving them $50 million so far, and Kentucky is  on-track to save the one billion dollars projected by the governor.

Kentucky Public Radio’s Kenny Colston has been covering the latest developments involving the MCOs, including CoventryCares and Passport.  He offered this review and look ahead on Byline this past Friday.

Brad Yost is a producer for WFPL News and Louisville Public Media.