Money Memories

…it can give you the time and freedom to figure out what does.

That’s one of the lessons investor and finance YouTuber Warren Gosling shares in this episode of “Money Memories.”

Warren graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Manchester. He entered the banking industry on Barclays’ graduate scheme where he spent 4 years, before moving to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ risk management consulting practice. There, his project engagements included a number of high-profile finance firms, including Lehman Brothers, Citibank, RBS, UBS. He is now an independent contractor.

Outside of work, Warren has a strong dedication to providing financial literacy and setting people up on their journey towards financial freedom – especially communities of color.

We talk about how Warren’s Caribbean roots have shaped his mission to give back and the moment he realized that money does not necessarily make you happy while working in a high-paying, fast-paced industry.

Listen to the episode:

“Money Memories” is a podcast on a mission to make money conversations less taboo — one memory at a time. Each week host Ilona Limonta-Volkova and a guest discuss how their earliest money memory affected their professional trajectories and molded their relationship to personal finance.

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