Local News

from Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Saying he owes it to his supporters, Kentucky Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo is seeking a re-canvass of votes cast in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for U-S Senate.

Attorney General Jack Conway defeated Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo by just over 35-hundred votes in Tuesday’s primary. And with more than 520-thousand votes cast, Mongiardo wants a re-canvass, in which the accuracy of voting machines is checked.

“We get lots of re-canvass requests,” says Les Fugate with the Secretary of State’s office, “and that’s perfectly fine. It’s free to the candidate. It does not cost the counties much to go back and check this information. As a matter of fact, they probably expect when they see a tight race that it’s going to occur. And they’re already preparing for something of that situation when they see a close race like that.”

Fugate says the re-canvass, which is not the same as a recount, will be conducted next week. A judge would have to order a recount, and they’re extremely rare, especially in statewide races.