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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The list of Kentucky community college faculties voting no-confidence in the board of regents that oversees them continues to grow.

Faculties at 13 community colleges, from Henderson to the Big Sandy, have now voted no-confidence in the board of regents. The latest votes were taken in Ashland and Owensboro. The teachers are upset with a regents’ decision to eliminate tenure for new faculty hires.

Professor Roy Silver of Southeast Community and Technical College in Cumberland, where the protest began, says he isn’t worried if all 16 colleges in the system don’t get onboard. “Unanimity would be great, but we have the overwhelming majority at this point of faculty within the system at this point, who have voted no confidence.”

A no-confidence vote may be taken next week at Hazard community college, but no word yet if the faculties at Gateway and Bowling Green will join the protest. So far, the outcry has failed to convince the regents to reconsider the new policy, which they say provides hiring flexibility and saves money without eroding employment protections.

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