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Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is asking Kentuckians to spend at least 10 percent of their food dollars this year on Kentucky Proud items.

Kentucky Proud goods are grown or produced in the state. And Comer says his suggestion would generate about $500 million for Kentucky farms and agriculture-related businesses. 

Jackson Rolett sells produce under the Kentucky Proud label at the Community Farmer’s Market in Bowling Green. The indoor market allows people to buy locally during the winter.  

“Some of the things that we can offer are a lot of squash, a lot of grains, a lot of root crops, turnips, beets, carrots, potatoes, Rolett says. ”We also have a lot of farmers that are diversifying into high tunnel production and greenhouse production, so we have vendors here today who have red tomatoes.”

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says if Kentucky families would commit ten percent of their food dollars to locally grown food this year, it would generate more than 500 million dollars for the state’s farms and agriculture-related businesses.

He says Community Farmers Market is trying to make it easier for consumer to buy Kentucky Proud products.  

“It’s really been an asset to the community, having a year-round market. People can stay in the habit of buying local food because it is less convenient, and we’re trying what we can to make it more convenient,” he says.

Some grocery chains are also now selling a variety of Kentucky Proud meats, cheeses and other products.