Metro Louisville

More Louisville Metro Police Department trafficking operations are ahead after a weekend sting led to the arrests of seven men seeking sex with a 16-year-old.

LMPD Sex Crimes Detective Kris Pedigo said 115 people contacted an undercover agent during the two-day operation, which was funded by a $750,000 federal grant. Seven men were arrested. Pedigo said three of them are from Louisville. All the men arrested in the operation have been charged with promoting human trafficking and the illegal use of electronics to request sex with a minor.

“The biggest shock to my senses was they were all dads, and a few of them were fathers of daughters,” Pedigo said. “This is a very dark and heinous crime, and I want to shed that bright light on it — I want to bring it to the forefront so that it’s an issue that everybody knows about, is aware of, and [know] that efforts are being done everyday to combat it.”

Kentucky is considered susceptible to human trafficking because of its location, poverty and homelessness. Youth are especially vulnerable.

LMPD plans additional trafficking stings operations this year, according to Pedigo.

Kyeland Jackson is an Associate Producer for WFPL News.