This week, we’re participating in a national week of conversation along with other NPR Member stations called A Nation Engaged. It’s a coordinated conversation around a topic, and the goal is to get a wide variety of voices answering the same question.

A Nation EngagedNPR |

We’re asking this question: “What can we do to create economic opportunities for more Americans?” 

Earlier this week, we heard from people attending the Dixie Area Business Expo, where independent businesses in South Louisville were showcased. You can listen to what those folks had to say here.

This time around, we visited a career fair organized by the workforce agency KentuckianaWorks. Here’s what recruiters there had to say about jobs and the economy in Louisville.


Natasha Williams (center) and co-workers recruiting for school bus driversRoxanne Scott |

Natasha Williams (center) and co-workers recruiting for school bus drivers

Natasha Williams: “I think jobs in Louisville are plentiful. There are a lot out there. Everyone’s hiring we just need people to want to fill those jobs and work.”


Derick Goodwin, recruiter at FanaticsRoxanne Scott |

Derick Goodwin, recruiter at Fanatics

Derick Goodwin: “Well, we’re gonna be hiring; bringing on about 400 people. So we’re starting to get ahead of that a little bit. Everybody’s going to be competing for workers this year. A lot of people that you see in this fair, we’re all competing for the same demographic. I say it’s good. I have to say it’s good. Go Obama.”


Stephanie Schell, recruiter at KrogerRoxanne Scott |

Stephanie Schell, recruiter at Kroger

Stephanie Schell: “I know the economy is on the upswing, or so it feels. Which is a great thing but it does make it a lot harder to hire.”


Stallydia Mucker (right) with Mike Desurne of Drivers SelectRoxanne Scott |

Stallydia Mucker (right) with Mike Desurne of Drivers Select

Stallydia Mucker: “Today, we’re actually doing the application, the second part of the application on the computer and the interview right here. And I’ll say in probably about a week, they’re working.”


Tony Cephus, of TransCentra Roxanne Scott |

Tony Cephus, of TransCentra

Tony Cephus: “You have to have transferable skills. Or be willing to transfer into other opportunities to stay employed. If you come with a willing mind and attitude and wanting to work — we’ll put you to work. Real easy; real simple.”