Local News

Starting tomorrow, PNC Bank will begin converting Louisville-area National City’s banks into PNC operations. The move comes after the purchase of the then-faltering National City in 2008.

PNC Financial Services announced in October of 2008 that it would purchase National City for five-point-six billion dollars. Cleveland-based National City was hard-hit when the mortgage bubble burst.

One of the final steps in the transition comes this weekend, as National City signs are changed over to PNC Bank signs. PNC Vice-President in charge of retail banking Eddie Barber says the Louisville area has about a half-million National City customers, and they are up-to-date on the changes.

“They’ve received the information and we’ve already had a lot of conversations with customers,” says Barber. “Their account numbers are going to change, but they do not have to order checks.”

Barber says PNC is consolidating about 25 National City branches into already-existing PNC branches in the Louisville area. He says that change will take place this weekend as well.