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A proposed 70 percent sewer rate increase has been rejected by the New Albany City Council. But the council will consider another rate increase proposal next month.

The 70 percent increase was recommended in an analyst’s report that found an urgent need for bond payments and federally-mandated infrastructure improvements in the New Albany sewer system.

The state has since made some money available for New Albany, and in light of that, analysts are recommending a plan that would increase rates by 62 percent over the next two years.

The council will consider that plan on March 11th. Councilman Stephen Price opposes the increase. He says he would rather use money collected from the city’s Economic Development Income Tax.

“Worse case scenario, and there’s no money and we have to pay these bonds which we’re paying now, we’re going to have to use EDIT money,” he says.

Price is also calling for public meetings to discuss the increase and an audit of the sewer board.