Local News

The New Albany/Floyd County school board has approved a 20 percent raise for Superintendent Bruce Hibbard.

The 5-2 vote came in front of a packed house at Monday’s school board meeting. Several who attended did not appreciate the board’s decision to grant the raise, which will bring Hibbard’s salary up to $170,000.

“I think Dr. Hibbard is an incredibly talented superintendent and has done a lot of good things since coming to this corporation and I would have liked to have voted to give him a raise but there’s an economic reality out there right now,” said board member Lee Cotner who opposed the raise.

The New Albany/Floyd County is spending approximately $2.8 million more than the district is taking in, said Cotner. Several teachers have not received raises in years, he said.

Hibbard’s contract was also extended to 2015.