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The New Albany Sewer Board is asking the city council to approve a 70 percent sewer rate increase. But the council isn’t ready to vote on the rate hike just yet.

The board’s request comes after an analyst’s report that showed a dire need for funds to keep up bond payments and make federally mandated infrastructure improvements in the New Albany sewer system.

The council will meet next Thursday to discuss the increase. President John Gonder says he doesn’t think the council will be prepared to approve a hike until they complete their own study of the analyst’s report, which likely won’t be conducted before the meeting.

“I think we’ll have someone in place to do it. I’m sure we’ll have someone in place to do it,” he says. “Not being an accountant myself, I don’t have any idea how long it takes to run through these numbers.”

The council must vote on the measure twice, so it won’t pass or fail until March. Gonder says he doesn’t think there’s enough support for such a large rate increase, but the council’s study could outline other ways to pay for the sewer improvements.