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New Albany may be the next city in the area to impose a smoking ban. The city council will hold a public forum on the matter Monday.

Starting at 6:00, residents can voice their dissatisfaction or support for a proposed smoking ban,  before the city council. It’s expected that most of the voices heard will be those of bar owners or smokers who oppose the legislation.

Councilman Bob Ceasar says despite that, he’s confident the council will approve some type of ban at a later meeting.

“I think one of the problems that us as a council has is, do you make it a partial or do you make it all the way?” he says. “If we make it a partial we don’t really even need a ban because everybody who is complying is already complying.”

The New Albany City Council has been discussing a ban similar to the one in effect in Louisville that prohibits smoking in nearly all indoor spaces, including restaurants and bars.