Local News

Western Kentucky telephone users have longer to wait before a new area code is introduced in the region.  

In 2007, the Public Service Commission said it were alerted by the agency that determines allocation of phone numbers that area code 270 was going to run out of numbers in three years.

PSC spokesperson Andrew Melnykovych says since then, the agency has backtracked on that projection – and will probably do so again.

“They will come back and at some point in the not too far distant future will tell us ‘well, we’ve rerun the numbers, and it look like it’s going to be father out’.  We don’t how much farther, but I think this is a case of receding goal posts,” says Melnykovych.

The date for the new area code 364 had been set for April of 2010, but has now been moved to January 2012, but Melnykovych says it will likely be pushed back again. He says there are still two-million available numbers in the 270 area code.