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Kentucky state Senator Joey Pendleton is upset with the potential firing of the Fair Board president and has filed a bill to create safeguards.

Harold Workman could be ousted as early as today, though no one involved with the fair board has given a reason why. Pendleton’s bill would allow the Senate to confirm any future appointments to the Fair Board. It would also limit appointees to two terms.

“What this will do is not setting anything new. But it is saying like we do all other things that those appointments to the board will be confirmed and approved by the Senate,” he says.

Pendleton says he hasn’t received straight answers about Workman’s future.

“You know that is one thing I have asked for. And I’ve had nobody to this date give me why we’re doing this now. If you can convince me that you’re doing this for the right reasons, yes siree, I’ll probably stand with ya’,” he says.

The bill soared through a Senate committee and is likely to pass the full Senate this week.

Governor Steve Beshear has denied accusations that he is behind the ouster. He says board members approached him about Workman.