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We’re launching a new show this summer: Unbound is a literary journal for the ears, where we hope you’ll discover your next favorite author. In each half-hour episode, two authors will each read a short story on a theme. Our authors are memorable voices writing excellent, engaging, thrilling and heartbreaking stories and novels — exciting writers creating a buzz on the literary scene. 

Why are we doing this? Because we love hearing fiction on the radio and believe that a story read by the writer is the best way to hear the rhythm of the story in the voice in which it was written, and because we believe that sharing stories through the communal experience of public radio helps us build and support an actively literate community, a community that reads and writes, visits the library, and both values and understands the power of the written and spoken word. 

Who doesn’t love hearing a good story? 

Unbound is made possible in part by the Bachelors and Masters Writing Programs at Spalding University. We’re raising additional funds to fund production costs and help promote Unbound, so it can have a long life after season one. We’re using Kickstarter, where there’s a video we made about the project and half of the first episode already posted. Check it out