Less than a week before the annual Fancy Farm picnic, a new poll shows Democratic Governor Steve Beshear with a crushing 24-point lead over Republican challenger David Williams in the Kentucky 2011 gubernatorial race.

According to the survey of 512 likely voters, Williams, who is the state Senate President, has a likability problem that is holding him back among likely voters.

From The Courier-Journal:

Among Williams’ problems, the poll found that more than a third of the voters don’t like him, while Beshear remains in good standing with nearly half of the voters despite a sluggish economy.

Thirty-six percent of voters said they hold an unfavorable opinion of Williams, a Republican who has been a polarizing leader of the state Senate since 2001, while only 21 percent said they had a favorable opinion of him. Twenty percent said they had a neutral opinion, and another 18 percent said they didn’t know what they thought about him.

LEO Weekly broke the figures Saturday when Williams was confronted with the daunting numbers by a reporter at a GOP rally.

A previous poll by cn|2 showed the governor with a 21-point lead, which the Williams campaign publicly disputed.