A new report from the national health organization Families USA is praising the ability of almost 1 million Kentuckians to buy insurance in the coming years despite their pre-existing conditions.

The report  says almost 1 million Kentuckians who have previously been denied insurance coverage may get it when that part of the Affordable Care Act takes effect in 2014.

Additionally, the report says its estimate is conservative because it only counts those previously rejected. It says many other Kentuckians could have avoided the system and therefore more will be afforded care.

It also doesn’t count anyone over 65 years old in the report.

Kentucky Voices for Health Executive Director Jodi Mitchell says the report is good news.

“I think this brings peace of mind to those families who have been denied coverage for so long because of pre-existing conditions,” said Mitchell.  “I think when we speak to a lot of Kentucky families there’s not really anyone I have spoken to that has not been affected by pre-existing conditions,” she says.

The clause will allow those who’ve had illnesses like cancer, diabetes or other sickness to get insurance coverage, Mitchell says.