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A newly-created district in the Kentucky Senate includes two state Representatives who are looking to switch chambers.

Democratic Representative Martha Jane King of Lewisburg announced today  she will run for the new District 27. Republican Representative Jim DeCesare of Bowling Green also plans to run for the seat.

At her announcement, King said going from the majority party in one chamber to the minority party in another will be a challenge.

“You know I have been asked that many times and to be honest with you I don’t look at the Senate as an, as an adversary,” she said. “I look at that as an opportunity to go over there, to work with people that I’ve not worked with before. To get a broader area of representation for my counties.”

The 27th district used to cover northeastern Kentucky until the latest round of redistricting. Now it covers parts of Bowling Green and counties to the west.

In her news conference, King said she recruited herself to run for the seat.

“I pretty much looked at it and thought this may be something I want to do,” she said. “So I’m the one that instigated that along with calling Senator Pendleton and saying what do you think about this district? The governor has wished me well and says whatever you choose to do I’ll support you.”

DeCesare is running for the Senate seat after being a Republican causality of  redistricting in the state House.