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The New York Times editorial board is joining the calls for Kentucky to end the death penalty.

In an editorial published this week, The Times said:

The death penalty in Kentucky is colossally unfair, costly and riddled with constitutional error. From 1976 through last year, of the 78 people sentenced to death in the state, 50 had their sentences overturned on appeal, with 15 of those for prosecutorial mistakes or misconduct.

The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights recently urged the state to stop using the death penalty; they say it’s often applied unfairly against minorities and the poor.

The commissioners, who enforce state and federal civil rights laws, urged Kentucky lawmakers in a resolution last week to repeal the law that allows the use of the death penalty in some murder cases.

The resolution unanimously passed by the commissioners will be submitted to Go. Steve Beshear and to each state legislator. As of April 1, Kentucky had 35 inmates on death row. Kentucky last executed an inmate in 2008.