Local News

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana organization is hosting an open house this week at the Salvation Army’s former Newburg Boys and Girls Club.

The Salvation Army closed four of its Boys and Girls Clubs earlier this year due to financial problems. For the past couple months the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana, which has three of its own in the region, has been discussing ways to reopen three of the closed clubs. Kentuckiana is closing in on its $500,000 dollar fundraising campaign goal to re-open the Newburg club, and they’ve already started recruiting new members.

“I’m happy to say that we’ve contacted over 77 families now and we have 100 percent that have said their kids will be attending the clubs.” said president Jennifer Helgeson.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana needs around $50,000 more to earn another $100,000 promised from Humana if the organization could reach $400,000. That money will sustain the Newburg club for a year-and-a-half, said Helgeson.

“That gives us enough to open and have some sustainability while we continue to reach out to the community and request (money), whether its from different foundations or groups to kind of sustain that long term,” she said.

The Newburg club can handle at least 200 new members, said Helgeson. The open house is scheduled this Friday.