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Polls in Jefferson County will close in half an hour. So far, there have been no major mishaps.

Poll workers say traffic has been fairly steady at voting locations. There’s no official count of voter turnout yet, but Jefferson County Clerk’s spokesman Nore Ghibaudy says he expects the county to do slightly better than Kentucky overall.

“Generally here we do, probably estimating seven percent higher to 10 percent higher than what the state generally estimates,” he said. “But of course we have four candidates from Jefferson County on statewide ballots. So that should help just a little bit, I would think, too.”

The nice weather may positively affect voter turnout too, Ghibaudy said. It was nearly 80 degrees in parts of Kentucky today—setting a new high record for November 8.

“It’s a beautiful day and when it’s nice like this and the weather’s not rainy or wet or damp or dark, Jefferson County always seems to have a better turnout,” Ghibaudy said.

Once the polls close at 6:00, a group of people at the Election Center will begin tallying the results.