For over 30 years, Betty Winston Bayé wrote an op-ed column in the Louisville Courier-Journal until a round of layoffs last year ended her stint.

“I think what really hurt was I never really got a chance to say goodbye to my readers,” she says.

But Bayé is still writing, and putting her views on the table—whether people agree or disagree—in radio and television.

Besides becoming a motivational speaker, she was recently inducted into the National Association of Black Journalist’s Hall of Fame and has plenty to share about African-Americans in media.

Bayé stopped by to talk about leaving C-J, the state of journalism and why it’s important to teach the Civil Rights era as living American history.

If you haven’t heard the University of Louisville’s athletic department is moving to the prestigious Atlantic Coastal Conference, and fans and political leaders alike are praising it.

But were local reporters and observers too busy being cheerleaders instead of being truth-tellers who thought critically about the jump?

WFPL News Director Gabe Bullard and online editor Joseph Lord joined that discussion, as well as addressing the lack of beat reporters who focus on Metro Government and other issues as sports coverage becomes more prominent.