On this week's podcast we talked to a panel of media gurus about the trend of Louisville journalists flocking to public relations.

Reporters have always had the tendency to move on to other communication fields whether it's working for a non-profit, government agency or elected official, but with the recent cuts in media jobs the trend has accelerated as of late.

At least two good pieces on the subject have come out in the past month via Insider Louisville and The Highlander.

I sat down with Insider Louisville founder Terry Boyd, WFPL News Director Gabe Bullard and former Courier-Journal reporter Thomas Nord, who now works as a spokesman for the city's Air Pollution Control Board, about the topic.

And stay tuned for a conversation with LEO Weekly staff writer Joe Sonka, who wrote a telling investigative piece on violent inmates working at the Louisville Zoo through Dismas Charities inmate work release program. The city's policy prohibits workers with a violent criminal history from working in Metro Government, but the practice had continued.