The latest blackout by Time Warner has struck CBS affiliate WLKY, but unlike the battle with FOX affiliate WDRB the cable giant has been much more shrewd in this instance.

Local television viewers can still watch CBS programming but Time Warner has taken the local newscasts off the air by switching to an affiliate in Rochester, New York. WFPL News Director Gabe Bullard and University of Louisville communications professor Ralph Merkel ignited an insightful conservation about that and other media happenings.

Born in Mexico and brought to the U.S. at age 10 by her parents, University of Louisville student Silvia Palacios had feared deportation for years. But thanks President Obama’s decision to give DREAM Act-eligible immigrants a path to citizenship she is relieved that at least part of the policy is moving forward.

I talked to Palacios about the heated illegal immigration debate, political correctness and the “paper's please” law in Arizona law.