A Republican Super PAC that helped Republican Thomas Massie win the 4th Congressional District primary is looking to expand. 

Americans for Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity, or Ameri-GOP, was founded by two Northern Kentucky businessmen who wanted to help elect Massie.

And after tasting success in that venture, the group is now looking to expand its scope of influence.

The Super PAC registered itself with state election finance officials recently. But they aren’t yet saying which races they intend to influence.

In a short statement, the group says it wants to help advance the same conservative values in Frankfort as those they help elect to Washington D.C.

“Americans for Growth, Opportunity & Prosperity are proud of our efforts to elect Thomas Massie to Congress and to advance conservative values. Those values are needed in Frankfort as well,” Michael Adams, the group’s spokesman, said in a statement.

Ameri-GOP would be at least the third outside group looking to get involved in state House races, joining one other Republican-backed group, the Republicans State Leadership Committee and one Democratic one, Kentucky Family Values.