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Norton Healthcare and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield continue their path toward a split, even though both sides say they are ready to negotiate.

Norton is threatening to drop Anthem from its supported providers if the insurer does not agree to higher reimbursements. Anthem spokesperson Tony Felts says his company wants to bring in a third party to help negotiate an agreement.

“We’re continuing to stay in touch with Norton Healthcare officials, but it is our understanding that at this point they are not interested in entering into non-binding mediation,” he says.

Norton Associate Vice President of Managed Care Jim Meyers says Norton would rather work out its differences with Anthem directly.

“We’ve been willing to discuss and have conversations with them since we submitted the termination on December 27th,” says Meyers.

If an agreement isn’t reached by July 1st, Norton hospitals and doctors will no longer be part of the Anthem coverage network.