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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a… photo-snapping drone?

While the phrase may conjure images of espionage (or maybe just nosy neighbors wanting to see what’s happening on their block), David Boone is using the technology to take stunning photos of Louisville from an unusual vantage point.

Boone, a t-shirt designer, started out as a drone hobbyist.

“But then I took a picture straight down and I said, ‘That is such an awesome perspective,’” he says. “You can only see that from an airplane and it’s brief and you’re 2,000 feet in the air, so you really can’t see anything.’

So he began taking photos daily — he’s up to about 71 — and posts them on his Twitter and Instagram, @louisvillefromabove.

Boone says working with new technology for photography has its challenges.

“You have to get registered with the FAA,” he says. “But the laws and rules are changing every day — like state parks, you have to have a permit to fly there and take pictures.”

But it’s given him a unique way of presenting locations all across the city, including rooftops of the Shawnee neighborhood, Lakeside Swim Club, and a surprisingly beautiful traffic jam on Market Street.

“You can’t really run out of places to take pictures wherever you are,” he says.