Local News

Remember a few weeks ago, when we asked local musicians to submit instrumental music for us to play in between stories, segments and shows on WFPL?

You responded. 

We had over 100 submissions. We’ve been digging through them for the last few weeks, and we have come up with a steady rotation of local music beds, which are now airing on WFPL. Tune in. You’ll hear them throughout the day. 

Thank you.

If you didn’t get your music in, there’s still time. Keep uploading to Soundcloud with downloading turned on and the tag “WFPLGoesLocal.” We’ll check back every few days and add more local songs to our rotation. 

Now for some technical information. Every piece of music you hear on WFPL won’t be from a local musician. The shows we air, from Morning Edition to This American Life, often send their own music to use throughout the hour. You’re most likely to hear local music at the end of shows, in the last minute or so of the hour. 

If you hear a song you like, check for it below: